Thermofog – This procedure neutralizes and removes odor that is imbedded into the surface of all damaged materials. Thermofog uses a special solution that is sprayed onto a hot manifold that causes liquid chemicals to turn into a fog.

Ozone Treatment – This treatment is used to destroy organic matter and odor. During ozone treatment, an electrical shock (corona discharge) splits some oxygen molecules apart resulting in O2 and O1 gas. These molecules combine to create O3 which is Ozone. When this combination occurs, ozone is highly corrosive and unstable. As the ozone impacts organic odor, the unstable O3 deposits one molecule of oxygen onto all surfaces. This one oxygen molecule causes oxidization which destroys organic matter and odor.

Dry Vapor – This process uses a combination of solutions to attack and neutralize odors. This form of cleaning is safer than ozone treatment and can be used without evacuating the deodorization area.

Liquid/Dunking Treatment – This liquid can be sprayed onto surfaces, or smaller items can be dunked into the liquid cleaning solution. This is a simple safe way to efficiently deodorize a wide range of surfaces.

Duct Cleaning
The internal cleaning and sanitizing of HVAC ducting that has been impacted by smoke, fire, soot, and water.

Carpet/Rug Cleaning
Steam Cleaning – This method involves pre-vacuuming the carpet and applying a compatible detergent. Then steam is injected and extracted from the surface thereby removing contaminates and cleaning solutions.

Shampoo Cleaning – An orbital machine filled with cleaning solution is used to scrub the surface of the carpet. The cleaning solution is left in the carpet. As the solution dries, it breaks down and encapsulates soils. The residue is then removed through a regular carpet vacuum.

Bonnett Cleaning – This is a dry cleaning means for carpets/rugs. A solution is sprayed onto the carpets. The carpet is then agitated with a bonnett (wool pad with nylon strips in it). The nylon strips create friction which in turn creates heat. The heat activates the cleaning solutions and the wool pad absorbs the soil and moisture. This is normally used on non-colorfast carpets (carpets that do not bleed).

A puff-back occurs when a heating system/fire place backs up, causing soot, smoke, and ash enter a structure. Typically, when this occurs, content cleaning, structural cleaning, and deodorization are required.

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