This is done either at a loss site or at United Property Restoration’s warehouse. Contents Cleaning is necessary due to fire, smoke, soot, water damage, and any other environmentally related disaster.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic waves are used to create implosion in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning solution that removes contaminates such as oil, fire, smoke, soot, water, rust, and more from contents. This is an aggressive form of treatment where debris is removed.

Dry Cleaning

This is when textiles are cleaned of soot, smoke, fire, and water damage.

Electronics Cleaning

Electronic products are brought to our facility, dismantled, and stabilized. Stabilization neutralizes the soot’s corrosive properties and removes moisture. Electronics are then cleaned utilizing our top of the line cleaning station. After the electronics are cleaned, they are put into a drying chamber. Once dry, electronics are tested, reassembled, packaged, and finally stored.

Care At Work: RESULTS

From start to finish—Response/Recover/Restore—no one follows through like United Property Restoration Services. Just move the slider left and right to see the “before & after” of some of our recent projects—visual proof of our Care At Work philosophy in action.

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