Board Ups

Involves putting tarps on a roof, boarding-up windows, doors, and holes in walls. It also can be shoring and bracing the walls or floors to add structural strength. Some examples when board-ups, shoring, and bracing become necessary are:
-Car Impact
-Structural Collapse

Temporary Services

Winterization – Occurs when plumbing lines, drains, pipes, heaters, water heaters, furnaces, and toilets are all drained. Antifreeze is then added to prevent plumbing fixtures and lines from breaking under winter temperatures.

Temporary Electrical Services – Used to safe off the electrical panels. Electricians disconnect all damaged circuits and energize circuits that are not compromised.

Temporary Heat – Applied when necessary to expedite the drying process, protect assets, and enable occupants to remain in their homes or places of business.

Water Extraction – Immediate removal of excessive water. It could also involve possible removal of structural components such as sheet rock, plaster, carpeting, flooring, trims/molding, contents. Proper drying equipment is then used to completely remove remaining moisture. Our water extraction truck has multiple capabilities for removal of water, and to then dry the damaged areas. It contains 100 gallons of fresh water for cleaning purposes and can hold 110 gallons of waste.

Security Services – We will take the proper measures to secure a site after damages have occurred. This could include temporary fencing, fire watch, armed security, and more.

Debris Removal – Structural debris and personal property debris are removed from the loss site by our personnel.

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